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Why Archery?

Why Archery
Archery is an amazing sport and pastime that has existed for centuries. The number of people that are discovering the fun as well as the benefits of archery is growing at an explosive rate. Join one of our classes and experience the benefits for yourself.

The Health Benefits of Archery

Health Benefits

Archery is great for getting people up off of the couch and into a lifelong activity that will provide them with health benefits.  In addition to burning roughly 140 calories in half an hour, archery provides benefits to these other areas:

  • upper body strength
  • balance and coordination
  • mental focus
  • self-confidence

The Family Benefits of Archery

Family Archery

At River City Archery we believe that "a family that plays together stays together". Archery is a great activity to share with the entire family and to build traditions and lasting memories. We offer extremely discounted rates for archery classes when a parent and child register together.

The Social Benefits of Archery

Social Benefits

Archery classes and clubs provide an opportunity to get out of the house and make new friends. Archery is an inclusive sport that not only attracts the young, but also the young at heart. Someone can excel in the sport of archery regardless of how far they throw a ball, whether they like to compete from a wheelchair, or even if they were born without arms.